Residential Consulting & Design

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Sawyer Duncan Engineering regularly supports Architects and Designers for residential construction and renovation projects. Additionally, we offer complete architectural design services in house. We engage with various architectural styles, often working on projects that extend beyond traditional design.

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Major Renovation in The Beach, Toronto
This typical house was completely gutted and restyled by Johnson Chou and features some spectacular design. One of the most stunning features is the steel cantilever staircase encased by a glass wall (pictures). The rear of the house was transformed into a space with a two-storey glass wall (picture). The use of glass is prevalent in this house featured in many walls and even a glass floor. All this required Sawyer Duncan Engineering to complete very specific engineering to make sure it complied with Building Code.

New Home, Craven Road, Toronto
Craven Road is truly unique, it is North America’s largest collection of tiny homes many less than 500 sq.ft. Prior to this project there was an empty lot on this street. This 16ft wide strip of land would normally be ignored by anybody wanting to build a home. With the required side set-backs, the maximum width of house for that lot is 11ft wide. Linebox Studio along with Sawyer Duncan Engineering created a wonderful house that feels much bigger than its 566 sq.ft would suggest.

December-   2011 515
Full Interior and Exterior Renovation, Calgary
This was a full interior and exterior renovation of a tired urban home completed by the design staff of Sawyer Duncan Engineering. Modern upgrades, detailing and finishes were adopted into the design scheme; however, the intent was that the home itself would continue to feel and function as a bright, warm family home.